Riester 1442 Sanaphon Blood pressure monitor incl. Stethoscope

Riester 1442 Sanaphon Blood pressure monitor incl. Stethoscope

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Discover the Riester Sanaphon 1442: Precision in blood pressure measurement

When it comes to your health, accuracy is not a luxury but a necessity. The Riester Sanaphon 1442 combines the reliability of a classic blood pressure monitor with the convenience of an integrated stethoscope, allowing you to measure your blood pressure at home with precision. Made in Germany, this instrument promises longevity and precise precision, essential for managing and monitoring your blood pressure.

Why choose the Riester Sanaphon 1442?

  • Made in Germany : Choose quality and reliability with a product that stands for German precision and durability.

  • Sturdy and lightweight housing : The aluminum housing is not only light and easy to handle, but also robust and protected against corrosion for long-lasting use.

  • Insert tube connector : The cuff tube is easy to connect, ensuring a fast and efficient measurement every time.

  • Fine-adjustable precision relief valve : The relief valve can be precisely adjusted without wear, allowing you to maintain control over the air delivery.

  • Microfilter for protection : A microfilter protects the pressure relief valve and the measuring system against dirt and dust, which extends its lifespan.

  • Stainless steel spoon handle : Ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience during inflation.

  • Easy-to-read scale : The 64 mm (2.5 in) linear scale makes it easy to read measurements between 0 - 300 mm Hg.

  • Maximum error tolerance : An error tolerance of ±3 mmHg guarantees that your measurements are reliable.

  • Practical storage bag : Store your blood pressure monitor and accessories safely in the supplied padded nylon bag with zipper.

  • Versatile cuffs : Suitable for adults, large adults and children, includes a pull-through strap and integrated chest piece for a secure fit and accurate measurements.

  • Latex-free stethoscope : Includes a latex-free stethoscope with soft eartips for comfort while listening.

Why Riester?

Riester, with a rich history in developing medical measuring instruments, is synonymous with quality and accuracy. Choosing a Riester Sanaphon 1442 means choosing a product you can rely on. This blood pressure monitor and stethoscope are designed for both healthcare professionals and patients who want to monitor their blood pressure at home. With Riester you get a piece of medical precision at home.

Buy Riester Sanaphon

The Riester Sanaphon 1442 blood pressure monitor and stethoscope stand for reliability, durability, and precision. This instrument is an essential addition to your healthcare arsenal, whether you work in a professional setting or use it for personal health monitoring. With its user-friendly design, rugged construction, and accurate measurements, the Sanaphon 1442 gives you the security and reliability you need to effectively manage your health. Choose Riester Sanaphon 1442 and make accurate blood pressure measurement simple and reliable, every time.

Product specifications Riester Sanaphon 1442 blood pressure meter stethoscope

  • Riester article number: 1442
  • Hose color: Black
  • Chest piece color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Warranty: 2 years
Children and Adults
2 Years
Delivery time
Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
1 piece
Finishing Brisket
Stainless Steel Finish
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