3M SecureFit SF201 AF safety glasses

3M SecureFit SF201 AF Safety Goggles

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Want to buy 3M Safety glasses SF201 AFP? Protect your eyes with 3M Eye Protection!

Are you considering purchasing the 3M Safety Glasses SF201 AFP? An excellent choice for optimal eye protection! These safety glasses are specially designed by 3M to protect your eyes in various working environments. With advanced features such as anti-scratch and anti-fog properties, these goggles ensure clear vision and comfort while working. The 3M SecureFit safety glasses consist of a rimless lens and fixed length temple temples. Integrated side protection is included for extra protection. Temple arms also feature 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology that helps distribute pressure across the ears to improve frame comfort for a diverse workforce. This innovative design improves comfort and a reliable fit.

Why safety glasses in construction or other sectors?

Goggles are an indispensable part of personal protective equipment in various industries, including:

  • General manufacturing : Protect your eyes from dust, particles and liquids released during the manufacturing process.

  • Food and Beverage Processors : Prevent foreign matter from coming into contact with your eyes during food and beverage processing.

  • Construction : Keep your eyes safe from dust, debris and harmful materials on construction sites.

  • Assembly : Avoid eye injuries when assembling products and parts.

  • Repair and Operation (MRO) : Protect your eyes during repairs, maintenance and operation of equipment.

Why choose 3M?

3M is a globally recognized brand known for high quality products and innovative technologies. The 3M Safety glasses SF201 AFP offer numerous advantages:

  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog properties : The lenses are designed to be resistant to scratches and fog, allowing you to maintain a clear and unobstructed view.

  • Comfortable and Durable : The goggles are lightweight and comfortable to wear even during long periods of work.

Order your 3M Safety glasses SF201 AFP now

Protect your eyes with the high-quality 3M Safety glasses SF201 AFP. Whether you work in construction, assembly or are involved in general manufacturing, these goggles provide the ultimate in eye protection. Choose safety without compromising on clear vision and comfort. Order now and make sure you always have the best eye protection at work!

What are the benefits of the 3M SF201AFP safety glasses?

  • Optical class 1 lens, suitable for long-term use
  • Design provides excellent coverage and excellent field of view
  • Provides excellent protection against ultraviolet radiation (UV)
  • Approvals/standards EN 166:2001
  • CE approved

Specifications 3M SF201AFP safety glasses

  • Lens marking: 2C-1.2 3M 1 FT N
  • UV protection: 99.9%
  • Frame material: Polycarbonate
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Contents: 1 piece

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