Hartmann Peha-Soft Nitrile gloves powder-free Blue 150 pieces

Hartmann Peha-Soft Nitrile gloves powder-free Blue 150 pieces

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Peha-Soft Nitrile gloves blue: Protection, comfort and safety

Why buy Peha-Soft nitrile gloves blue?

When ensuring the health and safety of staff, patients or yourself, it is essential to have the correct personal protective equipment. Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves Blue offer an excellent solution for various applications where protection and comfort are vital.

Protection and safety first

  1. Wear-resistant disposable gloves : Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves Blue are made of high-quality nitrile material that is wear-resistant. This makes them ideal for use in places where personnel are exposed to specific contamination risks.

  2. Latex allergies and hypersensitivity reactions : These gloves are particularly suitable for people who are sensitive to latex allergies or show hypersensitivity reactions to glove powder. They offer a safe alternative to latex gloves.

  3. Medical device and personal protective equipment : Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves are certified as a medical device according to EN 455 and as personal protective equipment according to EN 374 category III. They can be used in various medical and industrial situations.

Versatile use of PEHA-Soft disposable gloves!

These gloves are suitable for various applications, including:

  • Anesthesia, Emergency Department and Ambulance : In the departments where direct patient care takes place, Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves provide the necessary protection.

  • Laboratory use : Whether dilute or concentrated chemicals, these gloves are suitable for laboratory personnel who work with potentially hazardous substances on a daily basis.

  • Home Care and Nursing Homes : They are also ideal for home care professionals who care for patients in nursing homes and geriatric facilities.

The Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves Blue are designed with both protection and comfort in mind:

  • Very soft material : The nitrile material is very soft and offers an optimal fit. This ensures that the gloves can be worn comfortably, even for longer periods.

  • Protection against germs and viruses : The gloves provide effective protection against germs and viruses, which is crucial in situations where hygiene is a priority.

  • Food safety : Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves Blue may be used in direct contact with food, making them suitable for applications where food safety is essential.

Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves Blue are a valuable addition to your personal protective equipment and medical devices. They provide excellent protection against contamination and are particularly suitable for people with latex allergies. Whether you work in healthcare, in a laboratory or in the food industry, these gloves will meet your demands for comfort and safety. Invest in Peha-Soft Nitrile Gloves Blue for peace of mind and well-being.

Specifications Peha-Soft nitrile gloves:

  • Packed per 150 pieces
  • Color blue
  • Standards: EN 374 Category III, EN 455
  • Manufacturer: Hartmann
  • Available in sizes XS to XL

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Medical EN455
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