Leukoplast Hechtpleister 5m x 2.5 cm

Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster 5m x 2.5 cm

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Buy Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster - Discover the advantages of Leukoplast tape

Are you looking for an adhesive plaster that is suitable for normal skin? Leukoplast adhesive plaster is specially designed to provide comfortable and reliable fixation. The leukoplast adhesive plaster is used for securing compresses, gauzes, tubes, catheters & probes.

Advantages of Leukoplast tape 5 meters x 2.5 cm

Are you looking for reliable and versatile adhesive plaster? Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster, also known as Leukoplast Tape, offers a range of benefits that contribute to effective fixation and wound care. This adhesive plaster is known for its durability and firm adhesion, making it an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals and individual users alike.

How do I use Leukoplast adhesive plaster?

The use of Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster is simple and versatile.

  1. Start by cleaning and drying the skin area where you want to apply the adhesive patch.
  2. Cut the patch to size using scissors.
  3. Gently place the plaster over the bandage or compress and press firmly to ensure it adheres well.

Thanks to the strong adhesion of Leukoplast Tape, your dressing will remain firmly in place, even with movement. This makes it ideal for more intensive applications and situations where fixation is of great importance.

Buy Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster

Choose reliable fixation and wound care with Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster, also known as Leukoplast Tape. Order today and add this versatile adhesive patch to your medical supplies. Rely on Leukoplast for high-quality medical materials and optimal fixation, ready to meet your needs. With Leukoplast Adhesive Plaster you can rely on a strong bond and durable fixation, always ready to keep your dressings in place.

The Leukoplast adhesive plaster is supplied in a protective ring and is therefore easy to unroll.

Specifications Leukoplast adhesive plaster 5 mx 2.5 cm

  • Width adhesive plaster: 2.5 cm
  • Adhesive plaster length: 5 meters
  • Brand: BSN medical
  • BSN article number: 01522-00
5 m x 2,5 cm
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