Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x 7 cm 5 pieces
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x 7 cm 5 pieces
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x 7 cm 5 pieces
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x 7 cm 5 pieces
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x...
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x...
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x...
Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x...

Atrauman Silicone wound compress 5 x 7 cm 5 pieces

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Want to buy Atrauman 5 x 7 cm silicone wound compress?

Are you looking for the ultimate solution for wound care? Then consider getting Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress! Why should you go for Atrauman silicone wound compress 5 pieces? Well, let's dive into the world of Atrauman Silicone and find out why it can become your best friend when it comes to wound treatment.

What is Atrauman silicone wound dressing?

Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress is the hero of wound care. It is not an ordinary piece of gauze, but a smart combination of materials designed to provide your wounds with the best possible care. This wound dressing consists of a carrier material of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with a layer of silicone gel based on polydimethylsiloxane on both sides. But what makes this so special?

The Atraumatic Miracle Worker

Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress is known for its atraumatic wound treatment. What does that actually mean? It means that this compress gently handles your wound, without causing further damage. It adheres to the wound, but not to moist surfaces, so it does not damage or stick to the wound.

The Benefits of Silicone Wound Compress

Why should you choose Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress? Let's list the benefits:

Sterile packed silicone compress

Hygiene is crucial when it comes to wound care. That is why Atrauman Silicone wound dressing is supplied sterilely packaged. You can rest assured that your wound will receive the best possible protection.

Widely applicable mesh

Atrauman Silicone is a versatile wound contact layer. It is suitable for superficial wounds, acute wounds, chronic wounds with light to moderate exudation, and even for non-exuding wounds. It is also ideal for sensitive skin areas.

Soothes pain and discomfort

Thanks to the softness of this wound compress, pain and discomfort are kept to a minimum. It is designed with your comfort in mind.

Applications of Atrauman silicone wound dressing

What can you use Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress for? Here are some common uses:

Superficial wounds

Whether you are dealing with minor cuts, abrasions or superficial burns, Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress offers the protection your wound needs for smooth healing.

Acute wounds

For recent injuries, it is essential to keep the wound clean and protected. Atrauman Silicone does this with ease.

Chronic wounds

Long-term wounds, such as bedsores (decubitus) and ulcers, can benefit from the gentle and effective treatment of this wound dressing.

Light to moderate exudation

Wounds that secrete fluid, for example as a result of infections or surgical procedures, find relief with Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress.

Non-exuding wounds

Even if your wound produces little to no moisture, this compress can serve as a protective layer to protect the skin and support healing.

Sensitive skin areas

Areas of sensitive skin, such as around the eyes or mouth, are treated with care thanks to the gentle nature of this wound dressing.

Would you like to order Atrauman silicone wound dressing?

Ready to take your wound care to the next level? Atrauman Silicone Wound Compress 5 pieces is the ultimate choice. With its atraumatic properties, exudate permeability and wide applicability, this compress will quickly become your favorite partner in crime when it comes to wound care.

Don't wait any longer and make sure you always have Atrauman Silicone at hand for fast and effective wound care. Order today and discover for yourself why this silicone wound dressing is the best choice for you and your loved ones.

Product specifications Atrauman 4995673 silicone wound compress 5 x 7 cm

  • Hartmann article number: 4995673
  • Contents: 5 pieces
  • Dimensions: 5 x 7 cm
  • Material: Polyethylene terephthalate & silicone gel
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