Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 20 cm 4 layers 100 pieces
Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 20 cm 4 layers 100 pieces
Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 20 cm...
Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 20 cm...

Medicomp gauzes non woven 10 x 20 cm 4 layers 100 pieces

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Medicomp Non-Woven Gauze Compresses: Excellent Choice for Dressing Materials

Medicomp 10 x 20 cm Non-Sterile Gauze - A Reliable Partner in Dressing Materials

Are you looking for high-quality non-sterile gauze compresses for various medical applications? Then definitely consider Medicomp 10 x 20 cm non-sterile gauze. These gauze pads, packed in packs of 100, are made to meet all your medical needs. We explain why Medicomp non-woven gauze pads are an excellent choice and what benefits they offer for both professional caregivers and home users.

Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses are supplied in a handy package of 100 pieces. These compresses are manufactured with utmost precision and care to ensure they meet the highest standards. They measure 10 x 20 cm, which is a versatile size for various medical applications.

One of the notable features of these gauze pads is that they are 4-layered. This means they are durable and absorbent, making them ideal for use in wound care and other medical procedures. The layers of the compress are made from a carefully composed mixture of viscose and polyester fibers, which ensures an optimal balance between softness and strength.

Safety first: Medicomp Non-Woven gauzes are free from binders and optical brighteners

At Medicomp we understand that patient safety always comes first. That is why our non-woven gauze compresses are completely free of binders and optical brighteners. This minimizes the risk of allergic reactions and skin irritation, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Breathable and comfortable: Medicomp gauze pads keep the skin happy

Another important feature of Medicomp non-woven gauze pads is their excellent breathability. This means that they do not restrict air circulation around the skin, which is crucial for the patient's rapid recovery and comfort. Our gauze pads are designed to provide long-lasting comfort without causing the skin to burn.

Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses: Versatile in use

One of the biggest advantages of Medicomp non-woven gauze pads is their versatility. These compresses can be used in various ways in medical situations. Here are some applications for which they are ideal:

1. Primary dressing for damaged skin

If you are dealing with damaged skin, such as cuts or abrasions, Medicomp gauze pads are an excellent choice as a primary dressing. They provide protection and absorb any wound secretions to promote the healing process.

2. Initial wound cleansing and cleansing of intact and damaged skin

These gauze compresses are very suitable for cleaning wounds, both on intact and damaged skin. They help remove dirt and bacteria, which is essential for fast and effective healing.

3. Carrier material for external products

Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses can serve as a carrier material for external products such as disinfectants and ointments. They hold these products in place and ensure even distribution, which contributes to the effectiveness of the treatment.

4. Secondary dressing for acute and chronic wounds

Whether you are dealing with an acute wound or a chronic wound, Medicomp gauze compresses can be used as a secondary dressing. They provide extra protection and help absorb exudate.

5. Mechanical barrier and absorption of body fluids

The versatility of these gauze pads also extends to their use as a mechanical barrier. They can be used to minimize contact between the skin and other materials. Moreover, they are able to effectively absorb body fluids such as blood and pus.

Medicomp 10 x 20 cm non-sterile gauze is the perfect choice for those looking for high-quality, versatile gauze compresses for medical applications. With their 4-layer construction, free of binders and optical brighteners, and excellent breathability, these gauze pads provide optimal comfort and care for patients.

Whether you are a healthcare professional looking for reliable dressing materials or a home user looking to put together a first aid kit, Medicomp non-woven gauze pads are an essential item to have at home. They offer the peace of mind of quality and reliability, so you are always well prepared for any medical situations.

Buy Medicomp non-woven gauze compresses today and experience the benefits of these high-quality dressing materials for yourself. We are confident you will be impressed with their performance and versatility. At Medicomp we are always ready to offer you the best healthcare products, so that you can take care of the health and well-being of yourself and others.

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  • Contents: 100 pieces
  • Dimensions: 10 x 20 cm
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  • Material: Non Woven
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