Prameta Tourniquet 60 cm Green

Prameta Tourniquet 60 cm Green

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Prämeta tourniquet the most commonly used tourniquet in healthcare. Color: Green


Discover the benefits of the Prameta tourniquet in green - 60 cm

Are you looking for a tourniquet that combines ease of use and quality for your medical practice? The Prameta 60 cm tourniquet in green is the perfect choice for healthcare professionals. Made from a skin-friendly cotton blend, this tourniquet offers both comfort and durability, and is equipped with a solid metal lock made of high-quality special alloy for reliable closure.

This green tourniquet is not only easy to use thanks to its one-handed operation and the ability to decontaminate or disinfect the product, but is also known for its excellent stretch properties. The 1-button model ensures that you can easily remove the tourniquet by simply pressing the locking button, without pinching skin or hair.

In addition, the Prameta tourniquet is fully autoclavable up to 120 °C at 1.1 bar, latex-free, making it a hygienic choice for any hospital or GP practice. With its width of approximately 2.2 cm, this tourniquet is suitable for a wide range of patients.

Choose the Prameta Tourniquet in green if you are looking for a reliable, comfortable and easy-to-use blood collection solution that has been proven millions of times by medical professionals.

Product specifications Prameta tourniquet

  • Brand: Prameta
  • Color: Green
  • Latex-free
  • 1-button model
  • Belt width: 2.2 cm
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