HeltiQ First Aid Set
HeltiQ First Aid Set
HeltiQ First Aid Set
HeltiQ First Aid Set

HeltiQ First Aid Set

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The HeltiQ First Aid Set contains the first aid aids for on the road, on holiday or at home. Prevent the most common accidents, such as scrapes, blisters and splinter wounds.


The HeltiQ First Aid Set for the most common and everyday accidents. This includes bleeding wounds, scrapes, abrasions, blisters and splinters, which are treated and cared for quickly and responsibly with the HeltiQ First Aid Set. The products, including a number of sterile products, come in a compact and handy bag that is practically divided with its own compartment for each product. The bag also contains an extra lockable storage compartment where additional products such as medicines or tweezers can be stored. The set is easy to take with you during a day out, during outdoor (sports) activities on the bike, in the suitcase and/or backpack, in the backpack or just at home.

What are the benefits of the HeltiQ First Aid Set?

  • Compact size: 19.5 x 13 x 7.5 cm - Easy to store
  • Provided with the basic need in the field of first aid materials
  • Handy loop at the top
  • Easy to open with the side zippers
  • Tip: Handy for use when camping or hiking.
  • Light weight: 316 gr.

Handy to combine with a standard first aid kit on location if your employees are on the road a lot.

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