Dermotect Hand Gel Extra Hygiene 250ml

Dermotect Hand Gel Extra Hygiene 250ml

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Dermotect Handgel extra hygiene is suitable for hands and skin. Dermotect Handgel is based on 70% alcohol . It ensures clean hands without the use of soap and water. No rinsing necessary. It does not stay on the skin. The hands do not dry out. The trading gel dries in seconds.

Dermotect Hand Gel is easy to use and is suitable for professional and non-professional use. Go through life safe and clean.


  • Alcohol gel type
  • Fragrance Alcohol fragrance
  • Color Transparent
  • Flammability Highly flammable
  • UN number 1170 Ethanol
  • Packaging Bottle with pump
  • Content 250ml



Dermotect Hand Gel is used as often as necessary during the day. Practical use in the office, at home, etc. Apply a small dose (3ml) of gel to clean, dry hands. Rub the gel well into the hands, wrists, around the nails and the interstices for at least 30 seconds, until the product is completely dry.


Ingredients (INCI)
Alcohol; aqua; Propylene Glycol; Isopropyl Alcohol; Denatonium Benzoate; carbomer; Phenoxyethanol; Triethanolamine; MEK; Piroctone Olamine

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