Peha-haft Color red fixation bandage 20 mx 10 cm
Peha-haft Color red fixation bandage 20 mx 10 cm
Peha-haft Color red fixation bandage 20 mx 10 cm
Peha-haft Color red fixation bandage 20 mx 10 cm

Peha-haft Color red fixation bandage 20 mx 10 cm

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Peha-haft fixation bandage red: The solution for safe bandage fixation

Are you looking for the ultimate fixation bandage to keep all your bandages firmly in place? Then definitely consider Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red. Whether you need to treat joints, conical body parts or attach cannulas, this self-adhesive elastic fixation bandage offers the perfect solution. We will take you along and let you discover why this red fixation bandage is a smart choice for you and how it can help you with optimal bandage fixation.

Why buy Peha-haft fixation bandage?

Secure bandages safely

Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red is specially designed for fixing all kinds of bandages. Whether you are dealing with a complex bandage on a joint or a bandage that needs to be applied to a conical body part, this fixation bandage offers the assurance that the bandage remains firmly in place, even during movement.

Specially for joints and conical body parts

Why choose Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red? This bandage is ideally suited for joints and conical body parts. The elastic material adapts effortlessly to the shape of the body and ensures a secure and comfortable attachment of the bandage. Whether you work with ankle bandages, knee bandages or bandages for other joints, this fixation bandage is the perfect choice.

Attachment of cannulas and more

In addition to fixing bandages, Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red is also ideal for fixing cannulas and other medical devices. It provides reliable adhesion without irritating the skin, making it a versatile tool for medical professionals.

The advantages of Peha-haft fixation bandage

Peha-haft Fixation Bandage offers a wide range of benefits that make it a favorite with medical professionals and home users alike:

Self-adhesive and elastic

Thanks to the self-adhesive properties of this fixation bandage, you do not have to worry about using extra tape or mounting materials. The material adheres securely to itself, keeping the bandage in place without unnecessary effort. In addition, it is elastic and stretches approximately 100% in length, which ensures comfort and freedom of movement.

Easy to cut to size

With a length of 20 meters and a width of 10 centimeters, Peha-haft Fixation Bandage offers sufficient material to meet all your needs. It's also easy to cut to size, so you can use just the right amount without waste.

Strong self-adhesive effect

The dual bonding effect of the crepe structure and latex-free impregnation ensures an exceptionally strong bond. This means that only a few turns of the bandage are required to achieve a safe and long-lasting bandage fixation. The bandage will not come off, even during activities that involve a lot of movement.

Skin-friendly and breathable

The Peha-haft Fixation Bandage is designed with skin health in mind. It does not irritate the skin and does not adhere to the skin, hair or clothing, which ensures comfortable wearing. In addition, the material is breathable, which allows good air circulation and prevents the skin from becoming suffocated.

Peha-haft fixation bandage red: Economical and effective

One of the biggest advantages of Peha-haft Fixation Bandage is the economical and effective way in which you can use it. Thanks to the strong self-adhesive effect, you only need a few turns to firmly fix the bandage. This means that you use less material and save costs in the long term. In addition, the bandage is easy to cut to size, so there is no waste.

Order Peha-haft fixation bandage red today

In short, if you are looking for the perfect fixation bandage for the safe and reliable fixation of all kinds of bandages, Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red is the right choice for you. With its elastic, self-adhesive properties and skin-friendly design, it provides comfort and peace of mind for both medical professionals and home users.

Don't wait any longer and order your Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red today. You will notice how easy and effective it is to fix bandages, and how it can contribute to faster recovery and greater comfort for the patient. Trust the quality and reliability of Peha-haft and complete your medical care.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the order button and experience the benefits of Peha-haft Fixation Bandage Red for yourself. You will have no regrets.

Product specifications Peha-haft 9324623 fixation bandage red

  • Hartmann article number: 9324623
  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Dimensions: 20 m x 10 cm
  • Material: 40% cotton, 31% viscose and 29% polyamide.
Type Windsel
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
€ 10,00 - €19,99
1 piece
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