Chempropack Alcohol ketonatus 96% 1000 ml

Chempropack Alcohol ketonatus 96% 1000 ml

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buy Alcohol Ketonatus 96% 1000 ml ? Go for ultimate cleaning and disinfection!

Are you considering purchasing Alcohol Ketonatus 96%? This powerful product is a must-have for thorough cleaning and disinfection. With a high alcohol content of 96%, it provides an effective way to clean and sanitize instruments and surfaces. Discover why Alcohol Ketonatus 96% is a valuable addition to your cleaning routine.

Why choose Alcohol Ketonatus 96%?

Alcohol Ketonatus 96% offers multiple benefits for cleaning and disinfection:

  • Powerful cleaning : Thanks to the high alcohol content of 96%, this product is very effective in removing dirt, bacteria and germs.

  • Disinfection : Alcohol Ketonatus has disinfecting properties that contribute to creating a hygienic environment.

  • Versatile use : This cleaning agent is suitable for various applications, including cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments, surfaces and tools.

How do you use Alcohol Ketonatus 96%?

Using Alcohol Ketonatus 96% is easy:

  1. Apply a small amount of alcohol ketonatus to a gauze pad or directly to the surface to be cleaned.

  2. Rub gently to remove dirt, bacteria and germs.

  3. Let the surface dry or wipe it with a clean cloth.

Order your Alcohol Ketonatus 96% now

Choose the ultimate cleaning and disinfection with Alcohol Ketonatus 96%. Whether you work in a medical environment, clean surfaces around the home or disinfect tools, this product provides the powerful solution you need. Order now and ensure you always maintain the highest standard of cleaning and hygiene with Alcohol Ketonatus 96%!

Specifications Alcohol Ketonate 96% 1000ml

  • Content: 1000ml
  • Brand: Chempropack
  • ZI number: 15243761
  • Alcohol percentage: 96%
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