CareSens Ketone Strips 10 pieces

CareSens Ketone test strips 10 pieces

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CareSens KetoSens Ketone test strips packed per 10 pieces for measuring your amount of ketones. Only suitable for the Caresens Dual Blood Glucose Meter!


Meters: Suitable for the CareSens DUAL glucose and β-ketone meter.

Properties of β-ketone strips:

  • Blood volume: 0.5 µL
  • Test result in 8 seconds
  • Packed per 10 pieces
  • Single use
  • Automatic encryption
  • Easy to use with the app. ( Smartlog Diabetes Management App)

Suitable for use with the telephone. After downloading the Smartlog Diabetes Management App in the iOS app or Google play store you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to your glucose meter and read your results on your mobile device.

Why measure ketones?

During physical exertion, our body uses sugars (Glucose) or fats. The consumption of body fats creates ketones and in large quantities this can acidify your blood. An increase in your ketone level is also known as ketoacidosis. Since ketoacidosis in combination with diabetes can lead to a diabetic coma, measurement of ketones is strongly recommended under special circumstances. Otherwise, you can also look at the Ketogenic Diet, for example.

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