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Want to buy Voltaren Emulgel 2.32%? Discover the powerful benefits of Voltaren Emulgel

Are you looking for an effective solution for painful muscles and joints? Then consider Voltaren Emulgel 2.32%, a high-quality diclofenac gel specially designed to effectively reduce pain and inflammation. In this product text we will discuss the benefits of Voltaren Emulgel, why it can be a wise choice and how to obtain it.

Why Voltaren Emulgel 2.32%?

Voltaren Emulgel 2.32% offers numerous benefits to help you relieve pain and inflammation:

1. Powerful pain relief

Sore muscles and joints can hinder your daily activities and cause discomfort. Voltaren Emulgel contains diclofenac, a powerful anti-inflammatory that provides effective pain relief. It penetrates deep into the skin to address the source of the pain.

2. Effective anti-inflammatory

Inflammation can lead to pain and swelling. Voltaren Emulgel has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation, resulting in relief from pain and swelling.

3. Targeted application

A major advantage of Voltaren Emulgel is that it can be applied locally to the affected area. This allows it to be applied directly to the sore muscles and joints, where it can work quickly to provide relief.

Benefits of Voltaren Emulgel 2.32%

Here are the main benefits of Voltaren Emulgel 2.32% in an overview:

  • Powerful pain relief
  • Effective anti-inflammatory
  • Targeted application for effective lighting

What is the dosage of Voltaren Emulgel 2.32% gel?

The following dosage is recommended for Voltaren emulgel 2.32%:

For adults:
Apply the gel to the painful area every 12 hours (preferably in the morning and evening).

Instructions for use
1. [Screw Cap] To remove the seal before first use, unscrew and remove the cap. Use the back of the cap to remove the seal by placing the cap on the seal and twisting.
1. [Valve Cap]: Open the valve cap. Use a finger, thumb, side of your hand, or one side of the table against the blue strip of the valve to open the valve cap. The seal will be broken at the first opening along either side of the valve cap. Before first use, check that the seal is not broken.

2. Gently rub a small amount of Voltaren Emulgel Extra Strong onto the skin where you have pain. The amount needed varies depending on the size of the painful area.
Normally an amount on the order of a cherry to a walnut will be sufficient. You may notice a slight cooling effect when you rub the gel.

3. After using the Voltaren Emulgel Extra Strong, wipe your hands with absorbent paper, unless of course your hands were the area to be treated, and then wash your hands.
The absorbent paper should be thrown away in the trash after use.

4.[Valve Cap]: Push the valve to close the valve cap. If necessary, after use, remove any remaining gel on the valve cap with a cotton towel or paper towel until it looks clean and it is dry. To close the valve cap, push the valve closed with your fingers, side of your hand, or against a table or counter until you hear a “click.” Keep the tube upright while opening and closing the valve cap to prevent the tube from leaking.

Wait before taking a bath or shower until the Voltaren Emulgel Extra Strong has dried.
Voltaren Emulgel Extra Strong is only intended for external use.

Read the instructions before use

Composition : Active substance: diclofenac diethylammonium
Excipients: butylated hydroxytoluene, carbomer, cocoyl caprylocaprate, diethylamine, isopropyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, macrogolcetostearyl ether, oleyl alcohol, propylene glycol, perfume eucalyptus sting and purified water

RVG number: 117734

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