Heine Beta 400 2.5.V FO Otoscope incl. Battery Handle
Heine Beta 400 2.5.V FO Otoscope incl. Battery Handle
Heine Beta 400 2.5.V FO Otoscope incl. Battery Handle
Heine Beta 400 2.5.V FO Otoscope incl. Battery Handle

Heine Beta 400 2.5.V FO Otoscope incl. Battery Handle

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Buy Heine BETA 400 FO B-143.10.118 otoscope

The Heine BETA 400 FO Otoscope sets a new standard in medical diagnostic instruments with its exclusive 4.2x magnification. This magnification provides an unprecedented level of detail of anatomical structures and makes foreign body recognition easier than ever.

Manufactured with an all-metal housing and fitted with scratch-resistant glass lenses, this otoscope guarantees lifelong maintenance-free use. The robustness and durability of the design make this instrument a valuable investment for any medical professional who strives for the highest quality in patient care.

The unique construction of the BETA 400, with a patent-pending design, allows the permanently attached optical system to be opened and stored out of the way. This provides unparalleled convenience for instrumentation and cleaning, making the otoscope not only advanced in functionality but also in ease of use.

Choose the Heine BETA 400 FO Otoscope for a revolutionary improvement in the precision of ear examinations. With this otoscope you can rely on clear, detailed images that are essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment, backed by the durability and reliability of Heine's advanced technology.

Advantages of the Heine B-143.10.118 Beta 400 FO Otoscope

  • Exclusive 4.2x Magnification : Provides superior detail for accurate diagnosis.
  • Full Metal Housing : Designed for lifelong maintenance-free use.
  • Scratch-resistant glass lenses : Guarantee clear vision over the years.
  • Unique Design : The optical system can be flipped open and out of the way for easy instrumentation and cleaning.

Why Heine?

Heine is synonymous with innovation, quality and precision in the world of medical diagnostics. By choosing the Heine B-143.10.118 Beta 400 FO otoscope, you invest in a high-quality instrument designed to meet the needs of medical professionals. Heine products are made with the latest technologies and materials to ensure durability, reliability and ease of use. Choose Heine and experience the quality that takes your practice to a higher level.

What parts does the Heine B-143.10.118 Beta 400 FO otoscope contain?

  1. HeineBETA 400 FO Otoscope
  2. Heine BETA battery handle
  3. Heine BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope XHL
  4. 1 set (4 pieces) of reusable tips (B-000.11.111)
  5. 5 of both AllSpec disposable tips 2.5 and 4 mm Ø
  6. One spare light each for XHL version
  7. Hard cover

Product specifications HeineHeine B-143.10.118 Beta 400 FO otoscope

  • Heine article number: B-143.10.118
  • Color: Silver & Black
  • Voltage: 2.5V
  • Lighting: XHL - Xenon & Halogen
  • Handle type: AA battery handle
Type of Battery
Type of lighting
F.O. Fiber Optic
5 Years
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