AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet
AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet

AIVIA 200 Outdoor cabinet

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Buy AIVIA 200 outdoor cabinet - Hang the AED safely outside!

The Aivia 200 outdoor cabinet can be mounted on the inside or outside of a building. We always advise (if the situation allows) to fix the cabinet to the outside of the building. As a result, third parties also have access to the AED and in this way even more lives can be saved.

Aivia has thought carefully about possible vandalism and has made the cabinet from ABS. The valve is made of polycarbonate. These materials are well known in the automotive industry and have already proven their shock resistance many times over. As a result, the cabinet has passed the toughest test (IK value 10). No damage is visible in the event of a fall from a height of 40 cm and a weight of 5 kilos. Fortunately, we do not often experience vandalism on the AED cabinets supplied by us, but it still gives a safe feeling.

All AEDs can be placed in this Aivia 200 outdoor cabinet. No AED should be exposed to temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius or temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius. Aivia and AED-Partner advise to place the AED cabinet in the shade. The cabinet has mechanical ventilation and a heating element to regulate the temperature. This optimizes the usability of the AED.

Aivia 200 outdoor cabinet has the green Ilcor color. This color has been chosen internationally to increase the recognizability of AEDs. In addition, the compartment of the AED cabinet is illuminated by means of LED lighting with a built-in light sensor. So energy efficient!

When the lid of the AED cabinet is opened, a red visual alarm goes off to warn bystanders. This way they know that a life-threatening situation is occurring. If the valve is forced, an audible alarm of no less than 95 dB sounds.

The AED cabinet must be connected to the power supply in order to make full use of all the benefits that the cabinet offers.

How do I install an AIVIA 200 cabinet?

Provide a hole (through the entire wall) of 10 mm in diameter at a height of 1.50 to 1.60 meters where the cabinet will be hung. This will route the cabling. When installing the outdoor cabinet, it is important that there is a socket on the inside of the wall against which the appliance will be placed, at a maximum distance of 4 meters from the hole provided for the cabling.

  1. Drill 3 holes in the wall and insert the plugs;
  2. Then place the rear wall with the screws on the wall;
  3. Connect the supplied adapter to the power supply.
  4. Attach the hood to the back wall.
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