Excedrin APC migraine 10 tablets

Excedrin APC migraine 10 tablets

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Buy Excedrin?

Are you looking for a powerful painkiller to relieve migraines? Then consider Excedrin with acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol as active ingredients.

Why Excedrin?

Excedrin is known as an effective painkiller specifically designed to address the intense pain and discomfort of migraines. This medicine offers several benefits that make it a popular choice for people who suffer from migraines:

Benefits of Excedrin:

  1. Targeted Migraine Relief: Excedrin is specially formulated to relieve migraines, making it an effective choice for people dealing with this severe form of headache.

  2. Combination of active ingredients: Excedrin contains both acetylsalicylic acid and acetaminophen, allowing it to target multiple pain relief mechanisms and increase effectiveness.

  3. Fast-acting: The active ingredients in Excedrin are quickly absorbed into your body, providing quick relief from migraine symptoms.

  4. Anti-inflammatory: Acetylsalicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation that often accompanies migraines.

  5. Fever-reducing: In addition to pain relief, Excedrin can also help reduce fever, which sometimes occurs during migraine attacks.

How does Excedrin work?

Excedrin contains two active ingredients: acetylsalicylic acid and paracetamol. Both ingredients work together to relieve migraines. Acetylsalicylic acid works as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, while paracetamol mainly functions as a painkiller and fever reducer. Together they focus on the symptoms often associated with migraine, such as headache, nausea and hypersensitivity to light and sound.

What age is Excedrin suitable for?

Excedrin is suitable for adults aged 18 and over. It is important to follow the correct dosage as stated in the package leaflet or as advised by a doctor. Exceeding the recommended dose can be harmful to health.

What is the dosage of Excedrin tablets?

The following dosage is recommended for Excedrin tablets:

  • Adults (18 years or older): For the treatment of headaches:
    Take 1 tablet with a full glass of water when the headache occurs. If necessary, you can take 1 more tablet 4 to 6 hours later. For more severe pain, take 2 tablets with a full glass of water when the headache occurs. If necessary, you can take another 1-2 tablets 4 to 6 hours later. Do not use this medicine for headaches for more than 4 days without consulting your doctor.
  • For the treatment of migraine: Take 2 tablets with a full glass of water when migraine symptoms or migraine aura arise. If necessary, you can take 2 more tablets with 4 to 6 hours between doses

Do not use more than 6 tablets in 24 hours to treat headaches or migraines. This corresponds to 1500 mg acetylsalicylic acid, 1500 mg paracetamol and 390 mg caffeine.

Read the instructions before use.

Active substances: 250 mg acetylsalicylic acid, 250 mg paracetamol and 65 mg caffeine.
Excipients: Tablet core: low substituted hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose (E460),
stearic acid.
Film coating: hypromellose (E464), titanium dioxide (E171), propylene glycol, benzoic acid (E210),
carnauba wax (E903).

RVG number: 102780

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