Plum iBox 4922 with 2x 500 ml 0.9% Sodium Chloride

Plum iBox 4922 with 2x 500 ml 0.9% Sodium Chloride

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Want to buy Plum iBox? Always ready for emergencies!

Are you considering buying a Plum iBox with sodium chloride eye wash? A Plum iBox is an essential part of any workplace or environment where eye injuries can occur. In this text you will discover everything about the Plum iBox and why the use of a sodium chloride eyewash bottle is so important for eye injuries.

What is a Plum iBox with Sodium Chloride Eyewash?

The Plum iBox is an advanced and easy-to-use eye wash station specially designed to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies involving the eyes. The station contains one or more sodium chloride eye wash bottles, which contain a safe and mild solution that is comparable to the salt content of the eye. This makes the eye wash bottle suitable for rinsing out the eyes in case of dust, dirt, chemicals or other foreign substances in the eye.

What do I use sodium chloride eyewash bottle for?

A sodium chloride eye wash bottle is used to rinse the eyes and quickly remove any irritants from the eye. This is vital in accidents where the eyes are exposed to hazardous substances or particles. By rinsing the eyes with a mild sodium chloride solution, potential injuries and permanent damage to the eyes can be prevented.

The Plum iBox with sodium chloride eye wash is suitable for use in various working environments, such as industrial facilities, laboratories, schools, hospitals, and construction sites. It is also useful to have a Plum iBox at home, especially if children are present, because accidents can always happen.

Why buy a Plum iBox?

There are several reasons to purchase a Plum iBox with sodium chloride eyewash bottle:

  • Fast and effective help: With eye injuries, a quick response is crucial. With the Plum iBox you have direct access to the eye wash, so you can act quickly in an emergency.
  • Safe for the eyes: The sodium chloride solution is mild and safe for the eyes, making rinsing more comfortable and reducing the chance of further irritation.
  • Easy to use: The Plum iBox is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for people without a medical background.
  • Always ready for emergencies: By having a Plum iBox in the workplace or at home, you are always prepared for emergencies and you can respond quickly and adequately in the event of an eye injury.

Invest in the safety of yourself, your employees or your family by purchasing a Plum iBox with sodium chloride eyewash. It can make the difference between rapid healing and long-term damage to the eyes in the event of an accident. Be prepared and buy a Plum iBox now!


  • Place EN 15154-4
  • Includes 2x 500ml PLUM sodium 0.9% Chloride
  • Dustproof box - IP55
  • Strong and durable material (EPP)
  • Includes instruction sheet
  • Easy to open - mounted on the wall or standing on the floor
  • Size: 425 x 294 x 135mm
  • Weight: 1.61 KG
Product type
Sodium Chloride 0.9%
Wall holder
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Ordered before 17:00 is delivered the next day.
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