Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m
Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m

Tegaderm transparent film 2 cm x 10 m

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Want to buy 3M Tegaderm 16004S transparent film?

Are you looking for a reliable solution for wound care or skin protection? Then the 3M Tegaderm 16004 Film is exactly what you need. Discover why the Tegaderm roll is the ideal choice for your needs.

What are the benefits of Tegaderm transparent film?

The 3M Tegaderm Film offers numerous benefits that are essential for effective wound care and skin protection. Let's take a closer look at these benefits:

Flexibility and comfort : The Tegaderm plaster is made of a high-quality, breathable material. This ensures maximum comfort while wearing. The flexibility of the film makes it easy to apply to different parts of the body, making it a versatile solution for various applications.

Strong fixation : With its 2 cm width and a length of 10 meters, the Tegaderm roll ensures firm fixation of primary wound dressings and/or non-sterile medical devices. This makes it a reliable choice for securing bandages or equipment to the skin.

Versatile applications : The Tegaderm Film is suitable not only as a secondary dressing over alginates, hydrogel and gauze, but also for other applications where non-sterile tape would be used. This includes skin protection during negative pressure therapy, such as the periwound, and protecting temporary skin marks used for radiation therapy.

Skin protection and care : The Tegaderm Film provides excellent skin protection. It is ideal for use after tattooing or tattoo removal, and can even be used to secure non-critical medical devices or IV lines.

Why choose 3M Tegaderm 16004 film?

3M is known for its innovative and high-quality products. The Tegaderm 16004 Film is no exception. Here are some reasons why you should choose 3M Tegaderm:

  1. Reliability : 3M is a brand known for its reliable and durable products. With the Tegaderm Film you are assured of a product that meets high quality standards.

  2. Innovation : 3M continually invests in research and development to improve their products. The Tegaderm Film is the result of these efforts, using advanced technologies for optimal performance.

  3. Convenience and comfort : The Tegaderm patch is easy to use and provides comfort to the user. This is critical for long-term use or when applying to sensitive skin areas.

The 3M Tegaderm 16004 Film is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, versatile and comfortable solution for wound care and skin protection. Whether you're a healthcare professional or someone looking for an effective solution for personal use, Tegaderm Film provides the quality and reliability you need.

Invest in your health and well-being today with the 3M Tegaderm 16004 Film. See for yourself why so many people trust Tegaderm for their wound care and skin protection.

Product specifications Tegaderm 16004S transparent film

  • 3M article number: 16004S
  • Article reference 3M: 7100221655
  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Transparent film dimensions: Width x length: 2 cm x 10 m
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