Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer
Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer
Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer
Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer
Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer
Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer

Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer

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Veroval 2-in-1 Thermometer: The ideal choice for families

Why choose the Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer?

As a parent, it is crucial to have a reliable thermometer on hand to monitor the health of your children. The Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer offers two measurement methods - in the ear and on the forehead - and is specially designed to meet the needs of busy families. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose the Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer:

Two measuring methods in one thermometer

  1. In the ear : This thermometer uses infrared technology to quickly and accurately measure body temperature by simply placing the probe in your child's ear.

  2. On the forehead : For extra convenience, the Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer also offers the option to measure the temperature on your child's forehead. This is useful for children who have difficulty inserting the probe into the ear.

Fast and reliable measurement with the Hartmann 2-in-1 thermometer

The Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to provide an accurate reading in just 1 second. This means you can quickly check your child's temperature without unnecessary discomfort.

Easy to use for both children and adults

This thermometer is designed for ease of use. It has an intuitive interface and does not require any complicated steps to use. Both parents and children can easily use it. Measuring your child's body temperature should be as comfortable as possible. The Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer offers silent measurement, so your children are not disturbed during their rest. The thermometer stores up to 10 readings, so you can monitor the progress of your child's fever and share this information with medical professionals if necessary. This is especially useful if you need to closely monitor your child's health.

Ideal for families with children

The Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer is the ideal choice for families with children. Whether you have a baby, toddler or school-age child, this thermometer can meet their needs. The use of both in-ear and forehead measurements makes it versatile and suitable for children of all ages. To ensure hygiene, the Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer comes with 10 single-use protective caps for in-ear measurements. This allows you to safely share the thermometer between family members. If you need more protective caps, additional sets of 20 are available for hygienic measurement.

Forehead thermometer versus ear thermometer

Having the option to measure both in the ear and on the forehead may raise the question of which method is best for your child. Both methods are effective, but have some differences:

Forehead thermometer

  • Pleasant for children : Some children may find it uncomfortable to have a feeding tube in their ear, especially when they are young. Measuring on the forehead can be experienced as more comfortable.

  • Quick and easy : Measuring on the forehead is quick and requires no special preparation.

  • Suitable for sleeping children : You can measure the temperature of your sleeping child without disturbing them.

Ear thermometer

  • Accurate measurement : Ear thermometers are generally considered more accurate than forehead thermometers for measuring core body temperature.

  • Speed : Ear thermometers provide immediate results and are useful for children who have difficulty sitting still.

  • Hygiene : Ear thermometers should be cleaned and disinfected between uses, especially if used by multiple people.

The choice between a forehead thermometer and an ear thermometer depends on your child's preference and your personal needs. With the Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer you have both options within reach.

The Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer is the ideal thermometer for families with children. With its versatility, speed, accuracy and ease of use, it offers peace of mind to parents who want to closely monitor their children's health. Choose the Veroval 2-in-1 thermometer and be prepared for any time when your children's health needs extra attention and care. This thermometer is your reliable partner in monitoring your children's temperature and taking the right action when necessary.

Product specifications Veroval 2-in-1 infrared thermometer

  • Hartmann article code: 925461
  • Includes storage box and instructions for use
  • Temperatures are displayed in °C
  • LCD display
  • 3 year warranty
  • Function for saving the last 10 measurements
3 years
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