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Protective cover coolpack 16 x 26 cm 1 pc.

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Buy Coolpack cover? Discover the protective cover for a cool pack and why you need it!

Are you looking for a protective cover for your cool pack? Then you've come to the right place! In this text you will discover everything about the protective cover for a cool pack, why you need it and whether the cover protects against skin burns. Protect yourself and your loved ones against unnecessary inconveniences and opt for a cool pack cover.

What is a protective cover for a cool pack?

A protective cover for a cool pack is a handy cover that is specially designed to use your cool pack safely. Cool packs are ideal for use in case of injuries, sprains, muscle pain or headaches, for example. The protective cover ensures that the cold surface of the cool pack does not come into direct contact with the skin, so that you can prevent skin burns. In addition, the cover provides extra comfort and ensures an even distribution of the cold, making the treatment more effective.

Why do I need a cool pack protective cover?

A cool pack protective cover is essential to protect yourself or others against possible skin burns while using a cool pack. Placing a cool pack directly on the skin can cause frostbite or skin irritation. With the protective cover you prevent these inconveniences and you can safely use the cool pack for relief from pain and swelling. In addition, the cover also extends the life of the cool pack, so you will enjoy it for longer.

Does the protective cover of a cool pack protect against skin burns?

Yes, a protective cover for a cool pack offers excellent protection against skin burns. The cover forms a barrier between the cold surface of the cool pack and the skin, avoiding direct contact. This allows you to use the cool pack safely without having to worry about freezing or skin irritation. Please note that you do not keep the cool pack in the same place for too long and always place a cloth between the cover and the skin for extra protection.

Use the handy protective cover for your cool pack and ensure yourself of safe and effective treatment for pain or injuries. With our cool pack cover you can enjoy carefree cooling and relief without worrying about skin burns. Order your cool pack cover today and experience the difference!


  • Dimensions: 16 x 26 cm
  • Suitable for use with a cool pack & hot pack
  • Material: Non Woven
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