Reddingsdeken Universeel 160x210cm 1ST

Rescue Blanket Universal 160x210cm

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The rescue blanket also called the insulation blanket for use in hypothermia and overheating.

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Buy rescue blanket? What is an insulation blanket?

Are you considering buying a rescue blanket? Are you wondering what exactly an insulation blanket is and how to use it? Rescue blankets are made of aluminum foil, mylar or polyethylene and offer good protection against heat or cold. Due to the light weight of a warming blanket, it is easy to carry.

What is an insulation blanket?

An insulation blanket, also known as a rescue blanket, warming blanket, thermal blanket or emergency blanket, is a thin blanket made of foil-like material that retains heat and protects the body from hypothermia and overheating. The blanket is designed to create a protective barrier between the body and the environment, minimizing heat loss.

Rescue blankets are widely used in emergency situations, outdoor activities, first aid kits and rescue to keep accident victims warm and protected from the weather. Make sure that thermal blankets are always available, especially if you are traveling alone or in a group.

How do I use a rescue blanket?

Using a rescue blanket is simple and versatile. Here are some uses and tips for using a rescue blanket:

  • Insulation against cold: Wrap the rescue blanket around the victim's body to prevent heat loss when hypothermic or exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Reflection of heat: Use the silver side of the blanket to reflect heat from a fire, sunlight or other heat source to prevent overheating.
  • Protection from rain and wind: Create a shelter by stretching the blanket between trees or posts to provide protection from rain and wind.
  • Visibility: Use the blanket as a signal to attract attention in an emergency by moving it conspicuously.

A rescue blanket is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry during outdoor activities, hiking trips or in the car for emergencies.

What are the benefits of a rescue blanket?

  • Protects against both hypothermia and overheating
  • For activities aimed at winter sports, never forget to bring a rescue blanket
  • Large size of 210 x 160 cm

Tip: Combine the rescue blanket with a first aid kit or first aid kit for emergencies.

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