Defibtech Lifeline View Dual Defibrillator Semi-automatic

Defibtech Lifeline View Dual Defibrillator Semi-automatic

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Defibtech® Lifeline™ VIEW Dual AED NL-FR Semi automatic bilingual AED with LCD screen
The latest generation of bilingual AED, Dutch-French, which takes ease of use to a whole new level. While other AEDs only tell you what to do, the VIEW Dual AED NL-ENG is the first and only AED to show you this in the picture. It is the first and only AED equipped with an interactive and fullcolour display that explains to the user step-by-step how to resuscitate, resuscitate and defibrillate using videos. The Lifeline VIEW Dual AED bilingual uses a high-quality full colour screen.

The Lifeline VIEW Dual AED NL-FR gives voice guidance in Dutch or French. Useful in the case of a multilingual environment. (e.g. station, airport, hotel, university, etc.) In addition, the Lifeline VIEW Dual AED is an ultimate combination of innovative technology and practical design. An AED like you've never seen before.

Bilingual AED, Dutch-French.
Sturdy design and good grip.
Light and compact.
No lid or loose parts, which can delay a bet.
On-button immediately accessible for quick assistance.
Pre-connected AED electrodes.
Two-button operation for simplicity.
Full-color video screen for optimal support.
8-year warranty period.

The Defibtech Lifeline DUAL AED is delivered ready for use including:
Set electrodes for adult
User manual
FREE AED utility (washcloth, razor, ambulatory scissors, gloves)
FREE Safe Kiss
FREE AED Sticker green, nationwide icon

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