Otrivin Xylometazoline menthol 1mg/ml nasal spray 10ml

Otrivin Xylometazoline menthol 1mg/ml nasal spray 10ml

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Want to buy Otrivin Menthol? Discover the refreshing benefits of Otrivin Menthol xylometazoline nasal spray

Are you looking for relief from a stuffy nose and do you want to enjoy a refreshing feeling? Then consider Otrivin Menthol xylometazoline nasal spray, a specially developed product that both clears your nose and provides a cooling menthol feeling.

Why Otrivin Menthol Xylometazoline nasal spray?

Otrivin Menthol nasal spray offers a combination of benefits to help you relieve nasal congestion and experience a refreshing menthol feeling:

1. Quick relief from nasal congestion

A stuffy nose can be annoying and disrupt your daily activities. Otrivin Menthol Nasal Spray with Xylometazoline works quickly to open your nasal passages and provide immediate relief from a stuffy nose.

2. Refreshing menthol feeling

The added menthol in Otrivin Menthol nasal spray gives you a cooling and refreshing feeling, making your nose and airways feel refreshed and clear.

3. Long lasting effect

The nasal spray provides long-lasting relief from nasal congestion symptoms and the cooling menthol feeling. It helps to reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa, allowing you to breathe freely and enjoy the refreshment for a long time.

Benefits of Otrivin Menthol Xylometazoline Nasal Spray

Here are the main benefits of Otrivin Menthol xylometazoline nasal spray at an overview:

  • Fast relief from nasal congestion
  • Refreshing menthol feeling
  • Long-lasting effect for free breathing

What is the dosage of Otrivin Menthol nasal spray?

The following dosage is recommended for Otrivin Menthol nasal spray:

Adults and children over 12 years: 1 spray in each nostril, 3 times a day. There should be an interval of 8 to 10 hours between 2 administrations. Not more than 3 applications per nostril per day.

Read the instructions before use

Composition : Active substance: xylometazoline hydrochloride (1 mg/ml)
Excipients: preservatives have added benzalkonium chloride and disodium edetate. Furthermore, it contains menthol, eucalyptol, disodium hydrogen phosphate, disodium phosphate, sodium chloride, sorbitol, Cremophor RH40, purified water

RVG number: 18445

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