Pleisterspray 32,5ml

Hansaplast Plaster Spray 32.5ml

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Spray plaster from Hansaplast Waterproof, breathable and flexible protection


Buy plaster spray from Hansaplast? Faster wound healing!

This plaster spray is intended for small wounds or abrasions. When you spray on the wound, it creates a second skin and promotes natural healing. In addition, the wound and / or abrasion is also disinfected by the spray. The second skin protects against water, dirt and bacteria and stays in place for at least two days. If you want to remove it sooner you can do so by using solvent or alcohol.

The spray can be used on movable areas where normal plasters would not normally stay in place. Think of the hands, arms and legs. You can use the spray about 50 times, making it more durable than a normal plaster.

Advantages of Hansaplast plaster spray

  • Water resistant, breathable and flexible protection
  • Acts immediately against bacteria
  • Easy to apply with one hand - even works upside down

Specifications Hansaplast Plaster Spray 32.5 ml

  • Content: 32.5 ml
  • Brand: Hansaplast
  • Composition: Acrylic copolymer, polyurethane polymer, ethanol, water, dimethyl ether
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