3M Steri Strip 1547 12 x 100 mm Adhesive Strips 2 x 6 Pieces

3M Steri Strip 1547 12 x 100 mm Adhesive Strips 2 x 6 Pieces

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3M Steri Strip Dovetails for fast and effective wound closure. Packed per 2 sheets of 6 pieces.

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Want to buy 3M Steristrip adhesive strips? Discover the power of Steristrips

What are 3M Steristrip adhesive strips?

3M Steristrip Adhesive Strips, also known as steristrips, are advanced wound closures designed to hold the edges of a wound together to promote rapid and effective healing. These innovative plasters are made of skin-friendly material and have a unique dovetail design, which ensures a strong and reliable closure.

How do I use or apply a 3M Steristrip adhesive strip?

Applying 3M Steristrip adhesive strips is easy and requires no medical expertise:

  1. Wound cleaning: Make sure the wound is clean and dry before applying the Steristrip.
  2. Applying the strips: Place the Steri-strips over the wound so that the ends of the wound are pulled together. The dovetails ensure a firm closure.
  3. Securing: Gently press the Steri-Strips onto the skin to hold them firmly in place.

3M Steristrip adhesive strips provide excellent wound closure for superficial wounds that are not deep, making them an ideal choice for minor cuts and abrasions.

What are 3M Steristrip adhesive strips used for?

3M Steristrip adhesive strips are versatile and used for a variety of medical applications, including:

  • Abrasions: Steri-strips are ideal for closing superficial abrasions where stitches are not necessary.
  • Cuts: For minor cuts where the edges of the wound are straight and fit together, Steristrips provide excellent wound closure.
  • Surgical incisions: In some cases, Steri-strips are used in conjunction with sutures to provide additional support to the wound edges.
  • Minor skin wounds: For superficial wounds that are not too large, Steristrips offer a fast and effective way to close and protect the wound.

Order 3M Steristrip adhesive strips now for fast wound healing

With 3M Steristrip adhesive strips in your first aid kit you are always prepared for unexpected wounds. These advanced dovetail plasters provide a fast and effective way to close and heal superficial wounds.

Order 3M Steristrip adhesive strips now and benefit from fast delivery and high-quality products. Add Steristrips to your first aid stock and ensure careful and rapid wound healing, without unnecessary stitches or staples.

Don't wait for the next cut or scrape to happen. Order 3M Steristrip adhesive strips now and be prepared for any small wound that needs attention. Ensure safe and effective wound closure with 3M Steristrip adhesive strips!+

Why buy 3M Steri Strip Adhesive Strips?

  • Woven fibers for extra strength of the Dovetail
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive layer
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Microporous backing layer that allows the skin to breathe
  • 3M Manufacturing, world famous brand

Product specifications

  • 3M Part Number: 1547
  • Adhesive strip size: 12 mm x 100 mm - Available in different sizes
  • Contents: 12 adhesive strips
  • Brand: Medipore
  • Glue type: Acrylic
  • Packaging dimensions: Width 12 mm x Length 100 mm
Steri Strip
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