Blister plasters toes 17 x 59 mm 6 pcs
Blister plasters toes 17 x 59 mm 6 pcs
Blister plasters toes 17 x 59 mm 6 pcs
Blister plasters toes 17 x 59 mm 6 pcs

Blister plasters toes 17 x 59 mm 6 pcs

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Buy HEKA blister plasters?

Relieve discomfort with HEKA blister plasters

Are you considering buying HEKA blister plasters? A wise choice! These blister plasters are specially designed to relieve and protect discomfort caused by blisters. Whether you have blisters during sports, walking or because of new shoes, HEKA blister plasters offer the right solution.

Optimal protection and healing

HEKA blister plasters offer optimal protection and promote a rapid healing process. They form a protective layer over the blister, preventing further chafing and irritation. At the same time, they promote the natural healing process, so that the blister can recover faster.

Durable and water resistant

The HEKA blister plasters are durable and water resistant, so they last a long time, even in humid conditions. They stay firmly in place, even during showering, swimming or intense activity. This ensures long-lasting protection and comfort throughout the day.

Suitable for different body parts

HEKA blister plasters are suitable for use on various body parts, such as feet, hands, heels and toes. They come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the right plaster to suit the location and size of the blister. This allows you to effectively treat blisters wherever they are.

Why use a blister plaster?

Fast relief from pain and discomfort

Using a blister plaster, such as HEKA blister plasters, provides quick relief from pain and discomfort caused by blisters. The patch forms a protective layer over the blister, preventing further chafing and irritation. This helps you move more comfortably and continue your daily activities.

Protection against infections

A blister can be prone to infection if not properly protected. A blister plaster forms a barrier between the blister and external bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. This is especially important if you are in an environment where you may be exposed to dirt or bacteria.

Promote faster recovery

A blister plaster, such as HEKA blister plasters, can help promote a faster recovery process. By protecting the blister from further friction and irritation, the natural healing process can take place undisturbed. This results in a faster healing time, so you can quickly enjoy pain-free feet and hands again.

How do I replace a blister plaster?

Replacing a blister plaster is easy. Follow these steps to replace a blister plaster: Clean the area around the blister with mild soap and water. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel. Carefully remove the old blister plaster from the blister. Clean the area again with water and mild soap. Make sure the skin is completely dry before applying a new blister plaster. Open the packaging of the new blister plaster and remove any protective film. Apply the blister plaster firmly to the blister, making sure there are no creases or bubbles. Gently press the edges of the blister plaster to ensure it adheres well. Check regularly that the blister plaster is still in place and replace if necessary.

When should I use a blister plaster?

You can use a blister plaster, such as HEKA blister plasters, in the following situations: When you have a blister due to friction or irritation, for example by wearing new shoes. During sports, walking or other activities that may cause friction on the skin. As a preventive measure when you know you are prone to blistering, for example during a long walk or hike. To protect an existing blister to prevent further irritation. It is important to check the blister plaster regularly and replace it if necessary to maintain optimal protection and hygiene. Use the blister plaster until the blister has completely healed and the skin has recovered. With HEKA blister plasters you can keep moving comfortably, even with blisters. Rely on the quality and effectiveness of HEKA blister plasters to provide quick relief and protection so you can continue to enjoy your favorite activities.

  • Size: 17 x 59mm
  • Contents: 6 blister plasters
  • ZI number: 17154278
  • CNK Code: 4501821

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