MEDICOMP Sterile gauze compress 4-layer 5 x 5 cm 50 pieces
MEDICOMP Sterile gauze compress 4-layer 5 x 5 cm 50 pieces
MEDICOMP Sterile gauze compress...
MEDICOMP Sterile gauze compress...

MEDICOMP Sterile gauze compress 4-layer 5 x 5 cm 50 pieces

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Medicomp Sterile Gauze Pads 5 x 5 cm: The Perfect Choice for Wound Treatment

Are you considering purchasing Medicomp sterile gauzes of 5 x 5 cm for wound care? We explain why Medicomp gauzes are the best choice for various wound treatments. Whether you're dealing with an everyday wound, a surgical procedure or complex wound care, these gauzes provide the reliability and quality you need.

Why Medicomp Sterile Gauze?

Medicomp sterile gauzes are known for their versatility and effectiveness in wound treatment. Whether you are a healthcare professional or simply care for wounds at home, here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing Medicomp Sterile Gauze 5 x 5 cm:

  1. General wound treatment: Medicomp sterile gauzes can be used for general wound treatment. This includes cleaning, disinfecting, and covering wounds to promote healthy healing. Whether it concerns cuts, scrapes, or minor burns, these gauze pads are suitable for a wide range of wounds.
  2. Surgical procedures: In the context of surgical procedures, sterile gauzes are critical. They are used as primary dressings to protect the surgical wound and aid in healing. Medicomp gauzes provide a hygienic and sterile option for use in the operating room.
  3. Initial wound cleaning: When caring for wounds, it is essential to clean the wound thoroughly to prevent infections. Medicomp sterile gauzes can be used for initial wound cleansing, gently removing dirt and bacteria to create a clean base for healing.
  4. Cleaning of intact and damaged skin: Medicomp gauzes are ideal not only for wounds, but also for cleaning both intact and damaged skin. They are gentle and non-irritating, making them suitable for use on sensitive skin areas.
  5. Carrier material for external products: Medicomp sterile gauzes can serve as a carrier material for various external products, such as disinfectants and ointments. They ensure that these products are evenly distributed over the wound and aid in absorption.
  6. Secondary dressing for acute and chronic wounds: In addition to primary dressings, Medicomp gauzes can also be used as a secondary dressing for both acute and chronic wounds. They provide extra protection and absorption, and help minimize wound infections.
  7. Filling Wounds: In some cases, wounds need to be filled to promote healthy healing. Medicomp gauzes can be used to fill wounds and prevent voids from forming where bacteria can accumulate.
  8. Absorption of body fluids: Wounds can produce body fluids such as blood and exudate. Medicomp sterile gauzes have excellent absorption properties, meaning they can effectively contribute to absorbing these fluids and maintaining a clean wound environment.
  9. Mechanical barrier: In addition to their absorbent properties, Medicomp gauzes also act as a mechanical barrier between the wound and external influences, such as dirt and bacteria. This helps prevent contamination and infections.

Benefits of Medicomp Sterile Gauzes

Now that we know what Medicomp sterile gauzes can be used for, let's take a look at the benefits they offer: Medicomp sterile gauzes are made from a special blend of viscose and polyester fibers. This makes them soft yet durable, ideal for use on different skin types. To minimize allergic reactions and protect the skin, Medicomp gauzes are free from binders and optical brighteners. This makes them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Air permeability

The gauzes are air-permeable, which means that they allow the skin to breathe. This promotes healthy wound healing and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

Medicomp sterile gauzes are available in four layers, providing extra absorption capacity. This is especially useful for wounds that produce significant amounts of exudate. If you need a larger bandage, Medicomp gauze pads can easily be expanded to create larger sizes. This makes them flexible and adaptable to different wound sizes.

Order Medicomp sterile gauzes 5 x 5 cm

Do you want to benefit from the versatility and quality of Medicomp sterile gauzes of 5 x 5 cm for your wound care? Buying Medicomp gauzes is simple and convenient. You can order them online from reliable suppliers or at your local pharmacy.

Medicomp sterile gauzes of 5 x 5 cm are the ideal choice for wound treatment in various situations. With their versatility, absorbency and air permeability, they provide the necessary support for healthy wound healing. Don't hesitate to try Medicomp sterile gauzes and experience the benefits of these high-quality wound care gauzes for yourself. Order today and ensure you are always well prepared for wound treatment needs.

Product specifications Medicomp 4110742 sterile gauze compress 5 x 5 cm

  • Hartmann article number: 4110742
  • Packed per 2 pieces (Sterile)
  • Contents: 25 x 2 pieces
  • According to MDR legislation
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