Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular bandage
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular bandage
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular bandage
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular bandage
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular...
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular...
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular...
Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular...

Coverflex Grip G 10 mx 12 cm tubular bandage

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Buy Coverflex tubular bandage: Why Coverflex tubular bandage from Hartmann?

Are you looking for tubular bandages and are you considering Coverflex grip? Then you've come to the right place. We will tell you whether the Coverflex meets your expectations and whether you have the right size for your fixation.

Why Coverflex tubular bandage?

Coverflex grip is an elastic tubular bandage that is distinguished by its versatility and ease of use. Whether you want to use it for secondary fixation, as protection under a plaster cast, or to support joints and ligaments, Coverflex grip is ready for you.

Suitable for intact skin

One of the main advantages of Coverflex tubular bandage is that it is suitable for use on intact skin. This means you can use it safely without worrying about skin irritation or discomfort. The soft and elastic material ensures comfort, even during prolonged use.

No compression therapy, but Compression effect

The compression effect of the product is caused by the unique material and product design. It is important to note that Coverflex tubular bandage is not intended for compression therapy, but rather for secondary fixation and support. It provides the right amount of pressure to meet your needs without excessive compression.

Advantages of Coverflex G 10 mx 12 cm

Now let's look at the specific advantages of the Coverflex G 10 mx 12 cm variant:

  • Suitable for large thighs : With a bandage width of 12 cm and a length of 10 meters, this tubular bandage is ideal for wrapping large thighs. This ensures a firm and safe fixation, whether you are recovering from an injury or simply need extra support.

  • Long Length for Long-term Use : With 10 meters of tubular bandage in one roll, you don't have to worry about shortages. This makes it ideal for long-term use, meaning you don't have to reorder as often and save costs.

  • Elastic and comfortable : The elastic material of Coverflex G ensures excellent fit and comfort. It conforms to the contours of your body without constricting, allowing you to move freely while benefiting from the support you need.

  • Secure secondary fixation : As a secondary fixation agent, Coverflex G provides a reliable and safe way to keep dressings and wound care products in place. This is essential for effective healing and patient comfort.

  • Handy dispenser box : The Coverflex G roll is supplied in a handy dispenser box, making it easy to unroll and cut the tubular bandage to the desired length. This saves time and makes it user-friendly.

  • Hartmann quality : Coverflex tubular bandage is a product of Hartmann, a leading brand in medical devices and bandaging materials. With Hartmann you know you are getting a top quality product that meets the highest standards.

When to use Coverflex tubular bandage?

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of Coverflex tubular bandage, let's look at some situations in which you can use this product:

Secondary fixation

Coverflex tubular bandage is ideal for secondary fixation. This means you can use it to keep bandages, gauzes and other wound care products in place. The elastic properties ensure that it stays securely in place without causing discomfort to the patient.

Skin protection under plaster

When applying a cast to immobilize a fracture or injury, it is essential to protect the skin from irritation and abrasion. Coverflex tubular bandage can serve as an excellent layer between the skin and the cast, reducing friction and protecting the skin from potential problems.

Joint and ligament support

If you need extra support for joints and ligaments, Coverflex tubular bandage is a convenient choice. The elastic material adapts to the body's movements and provides stability and compression where necessary.

Postoperative applications

After surgery, it is often necessary to keep bandages and wound care products in place. Coverflex tubular bandage can also be used in these situations, providing both comfort and fixation for a successful recovery period.

How to use Coverflex tubular bandage?

Using Coverflex tubular bandages is simple and requires no special skills. Here are the steps for proper use:

  1. Preparation : Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying the tubular bandage.

  2. Select the right size : Choose the right width and length of the tubular bandage based on your needs. For large thighs, the Coverflex G 10 mx 12 cm is an excellent choice.

  3. Application : Carefully place the tubular bandage over the area you want to support or fix. Make sure it is evenly distributed and not pulled too tight so as not to hinder blood circulation.

  4. Cutting and Attaching : Cut the tubular bandage to the desired length and attach it securely. You can easily secure it using medical tape or adhesive bandages.

  5. Check regularly : It is important to check the tubular bandage regularly to ensure it is still in place and has not shifted.

  6. Removal : Carefully remove the tubular bandage when it is no longer needed. This can usually be done by simply unrolling it.

If you are looking for a tubular bandage to support, fix or protect large thighs, then Coverflex tubular bandage from Hartmann is the right choice for you. With its elastic properties, comfort and versatility, it provides the perfect solution for various medical and support needs.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Coverflex G 10 mx 12 cm today and experience the benefits of this high-quality tubular bandage. You won't be disappointed with the results and convenience it provides.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about Coverflex tubular bandage or other Hartmann products? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is ready to help you with all your questions and needs. Choose Hartmann, choose quality and reliability in medical devices.

Product specifications Coverflex grip 9310710

  • Hartmann article number: 9310710
  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Dimensions: 10 m x 12 cm
  • Material: 82% cotton, 9% elastane, 9% polyamide
  • Suitable for: Large thighs
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