Dermaplast Kids children's plasters 20 pieces
Dermaplast Kids children's plasters 20 pieces
Dermaplast Kids children's plasters...
Dermaplast Kids children's plasters...

Dermaplast Kids children's plasters 20 pieces

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Want to buy Dermaplast Kids children's plasters?

Why choose Dermaplast Kids plasters?

Every child needs a band-aid sometimes, whether it concerns a small scrape or a cut. With Dermaplast Kids plasters you make caring for wounds not only effective, but also fun! Below you will discover why Dermaplast Kids is the ideal choice for your child.

The Dermaplast Kids plasters are not only designed to effectively protect small wounds, but also to make it a little more fun. With fun animal prints on each patch, your child will look forward to sticking them on. These two features make them special:

  • Cute animal prints : Every child loves animals, and these patches with cheerful animal prints will definitely put a smile on your child's face.
  • Durable Polyethylene Film : Made from water and dirt repellent material, these plasters provide excellent protection and are ideal for children's active lives.

Dermaplast Kids plasters: Perfect for every little adventurer

With Dermaplast Kids plasters you are always prepared for the little accidents that come with growing up. Here are two reasons why these patches are a must-have in every home pharmacy:

  • 20 pieces in 2 different sizes : Whether it is a small scratch or a larger abrasion, you always have the right size plaster at hand.
  • Water and dirt repellent : These patches are specially designed to be resistant to water and dirt, making them perfect for outdoor play, swimming or after the bath.

Ease of use and comfort in the field of plasters for children

Dermaplast Kids patches are not only fun and protective, but also designed for ease of use and comfort. This means that they are easy to apply and remove, without irritating children's sensitive skin. Note these benefits:

  • Easy to apply and remove : The patches are designed to be easy to apply and remove, making changing a patch a painless experience for your child.
  • Comfortable for all skin types : The soft and flexible materials ensure that the patches are comfortable, even during play and exercise.

The Dermaplast Kids plasters are the perfect choice for young adventurers. With fun animal prints and a child-friendly design, they not only provide the necessary protection, but they also make caring for wounds a lot more pleasant for your child. Thanks to their water and dirt-repellent properties, they are suitable for all types of activities. Add a box of Dermaplast Kids plasters to your home pharmacy and be prepared for all your child's little adventures!

Product specifications Dermaplast Kids 5356481 20 pieces

  • Hartmann article number: 5356481
  • Dimensions: 10 x 19 x 72 mm & 10 x 16 x 57 mm
  • Contents: 20 plasters
  • Material: Polyethylene foil, water and dirt repellent
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