Omnitape plaster bandage 10 mx 2 cm
Omnitape plaster bandage 10 mx 2 cm
Omnitape plaster bandage 10 mx 2 cm
Omnitape plaster bandage 10 mx 2 cm

Omnitape plaster bandage 10 mx 2 cm

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Buy Omnitape - Discover the benefits of plaster bandages!

Are you looking for a high-quality plaster bandage that meets all your requirements? Then consider getting an Omnitape plaster bandage! But why should you choose Omnitape and what are the advantages of this plaster bandage?

Why Omnitape plaster bandage?

Let's get straight to the point. Omnitape plaster bandages are available for all your bandage needs, whether it concerns stabilizing joints, treating ligament injuries, supporting and relieving damaged muscles, or treating dislocations. But that's not all. This plaster is also perfect for prophylactic purposes and when building up training in sports. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of Omnitape.

  • Strong adhesive and reliable: Omnitape plaster bandage is made of high-quality material. It contains 100% viscose with a zinc oxide rubber adhesive layer. This means that it adheres extremely strongly and is reliable. Whether you need to fix a joint or tendon, with Omnitape you can be sure that it will stay in place.
  • Tensile and non-elastic: This plaster bandage is specially designed to withstand tensile forces. It is non-elastic, which means that it does not move with the movements of the body. This ensures precise and long-lasting fixation of joints and tendons, which is crucial for effective treatment.
  • Strong adhesion to various surfaces: Omnitape not only adheres firmly to the skin, but also to textile surfaces and compression bandages. This makes it versatile and suitable for different situations.
  • Easy to tear by hand: Omnitape's serrated edges allow you to tear it effortlessly by hand, without the need for scissors. This makes it fast and convenient to use, especially in emergency situations.
  • Also tearable lengthwise: Not only can you easily tear Omnitape in the width, but it is also easily tearable in the lengthwise direction. This gives you even more control over how you apply the bandage.
  • White and discreet: Omnitape plaster bandage is white in color, which makes it discreet and unobtrusive when you wear it. This is especially useful if you use it during sports activities.

Applications of Omnitape Plaster Bandage

What can you use Omnitape plaster bandages for? Here are some common uses:

Stabilization of joints

Whether you have a sprained ankle or need extra support for your wrist during exercise, Omnitape is there to stabilize joints and prevent injuries.

Treatment of ligament injuries

If you suffer from ligament injuries, Omnitape is your partner in recovery. It provides support and immobilization to speed up the healing process.

Relief of damaged muscles

Damaged muscles need rest. Omnitape can relieve muscles by providing the right support, which promotes recovery.

Conservative treatment of luxations

Luxations, or dislocations of joints, can be effectively treated with Omnitape through stabilization and fixation.

Prophylactic use

Prevention is better than cure. Use Omnitape preventively to prevent injuries during intensive activities.

Sports and training

Whether you're an athlete or just enjoy sports, Omnitape can help you build training and prevent injuries.

Would you like to order an Omnitape plaster bandage?

If you're looking for a plaster bandage that is strong, reliable and versatile, look no further than Omnitape. With its strong adhesive, non-elastic properties and easy tearability, Omnitape will quickly become your bandage of choice.

What are you waiting for? Make sure you always have Omnitape bandages on hand for quick and effective bandage applications. Order today and discover for yourself why Omnitape is the best choice for you and your health.

Product specifications Omnitape plaster tape 5000583

  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Dimensions: 10 m x 2 cm
  • Hartmann article number 5000583
  • Material: 100% viscose & zicoxide rubber adhesive layer
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