Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 5 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 5 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 5 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 5 cm
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...
Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10...

Omnifix Elastic fixation plaster 10 mx 5 cm

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Would you like to order Omnifix fixation plaster?

Are you looking for a high-quality fixation plaster that is both flexible and reliable? Then Omnifix Fixation Plaster is exactly what you need. In this comprehensive text we will discuss the benefits and uses of this patch in detail.

Why choose Omnifix fixation plaster?

Omnifix Fixation Plaster is the ultimate choice for a wide range of medical applications. Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should choose this patch:

1. Complete bandage coverage and fixation

This fixation plaster is designed for complete bandage coverage and fixation in all medical situations. Whether you need to fix bandages on joints, round or conical body parts, or attach measuring instruments, probes, catheters, etc., Omnifix offers a firm and reliable fixation.

2. Ideal for patients with sensitive skin

Omnifix Fixation Plaster is hypoallergenic and therefore particularly suitable for patients with sensitive skin. The plaster is soft and flexible, which increases wearing comfort and minimizes skin irritation.

3. Elastic and air and water vapor permeable

This fixation plaster is elastic in width, which ensures flexibility and freedom of movement. In addition, it is extremely air and water vapor permeable, allowing the skin to breathe and preventing maceration.

4. Painlessly removable

Omnifix Fixation Plaster adheres securely to the skin and can be removed painlessly without leaving any residue. This contributes to patient comfort and minimizes possible skin irritation.

5. Sterilizable

This fixation patch can be sterilized by radiation, making it suitable for use in medical environments where sterility is critical. This adds an extra layer of hygiene and safety.

Applications of Omnifix fixation plaster

Omnifix Fixation Plaster has a wide range of applications in the medical world. Here are some of the key areas in which this patch is invaluable:

1. Bandage fixation

One of the most common uses of Omnifix is to fix bandages. Whether for wound care or protecting a surgical incision, this plaster provides safe and reliable fixation.

2. Catheter fixation

For patients with catheters, proper fixation is vital to avoid discomfort and complications. Omnifix Fixation Plaster offers an effective and comfortable solution for catheter fixation.

3. Instrument fixation

Hospitals and clinics use various medical instruments that need to be kept in place. Omnifix is ideal for securely mounting measuring instruments, probes and other medical equipment.

How do you use Omnifix fixation plaster?

The correct use of Omnifix Fixation Plaster is very important to achieve the best results. Here are the steps for correct application:

  1. Preparation : Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying the patch. This ensures good adhesion.

  2. Application : Carefully remove the protective backing from the patch and apply to the desired area. Make sure the patch is applied firmly and evenly.

  3. Press : Press the patch gently to ensure it adheres well to the skin and holds the bandage or device in place.

  4. Check and replace : Check the patch regularly and replace it if necessary. A clean and dry plaster is essential for optimal fixation.

Omnifix Fixation Plaster is the ideal choice for healthcare providers and patients who need reliable bandage fixation. With its hypoallergenic, elastic, and comfortable properties, this patch is suitable for patients with sensitive skin. Moreover, it is elastic, air and water vapor permeable, and painlessly removable, making it a versatile and practical choice. Choose Omnifix Fixation Plaster for safe and effective bandage fixation in various medical situations.

Product specifications Omnifix fixation plaster 9006022

  • Contents: 1 roll
  • Dimensions: 5 m x 10 cm
  • Hartmann article number 9006022
  • Material: Non-woven adhesive layer
10 m x 5 cm
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